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On The Inside Looking Out

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

A short film offering a very rare perspective of the holy grail for every surfer.

We had recently sent a few Ark's over to our good friend and resident tube hound Cian Logue in Ireland. He had been using a Go-Pro for a while and very shortly after the boards landed we started to see a lot of clips coming up on his Instagram of him travelling through long, amazing barrels. We asked him if they were on his Ark and he said yes. We then asked if we could edit a few of his clips together to make this short film that gives the viewer one of the most magical views a surfer can hope to see. He agreed and here is the result.

Thanks to Cian for getting this mesmerising footage and for giving us great feedback on the boards.

Cian says of his Ark:

"The Ark is my go to board for barrels. The paddle power is amazing and the speed it picks up off the bottom sets me up perfectly for fast hollow waves. I feel like I have made a few barrels I definitely wouldn't have usually because the board handles the foam ball so well!"

Surfed and Filmed by Cian Logue

Edited by Jimmy Pinfield

Directed by Sean Lascelles

Music by Sean Lascelles

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