Markie is a Surfer and Surfboard shaper from St. Agnes, Cornwall, UK.




He is the third son of the late Peter “Chops” Lascelles who was a world renown Surfer, Shaper and Surfing Pioneer

from Queensland, Australia and younger brother of

Cord founder David "Humphrey" Lascelles.


Markie has been surfing since he was 6 years old and has travelled all over the world in search of waves including multiple Mentawai and Maldives boat trips, long stints in Bali, 5 seasons lifeguarding in Western Australia, trips to the USA, Costa Rica and constantly chasing swells all over the UK , Ireland, Europe and Morrocco. Like any surfer he is stoked on all waves but really feels at home in big barrels!

Markie fell in love with the art of shaping from a super young age. He would watch his Dad shaping from as early as 5 years old and as soon as he was old enough he started to try and shape. He shaped his first real board when he was 15 and by 18 was able to shape his own boards.

When Peter "Chops" Lascelles sadly passed away in 2013 Markie inherited Cord and all its heritage with it and started the next part of this story.


He has been building the company ever since with his eldest brother Sean and is proud to have some of the best surfers in Europe riding his boards today.

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In 2019 Markie became the sole agent for Arctic Foam from California, USA. He is the main distributor in the U.K supplying the UK and Ireland.

Here at Cord we exclusively use Arctic Foam. It is the lightest and most durable foam we have used and we believe you can feel the difference in the way the board surfs.

Artic Foam supplies a lot of the top board companies in the world including Pyzel and Lost. They are the only choice for many of the top surfers in the world including John John Florence and Jordy Smith.

We are also working closely with Arctic on developing a sustainable option for surfboard foam which is something that we are very excited about implementing in the not too distant future.





On top of the treasure trove of board templates that Cord holds from over 50 years of surfboard making, Markie has worked tirelessly on his own set of designs since becoming head shaper. These designs have been tweaked and refined and endlessly tested in the surf by himself and a small army of local and international surfers. This feedback is vitally important to our design process.


A huge part of our ethos at Cord is making sure our shapes really work in the water before making them available to our customers.

As well as being lucky enough to be taught by his Dad “Chops”, a shaping master, Markie also has had the privilege of working with an impressive list of international shaping royalty. He includes the following in his list of mentors and shaper buddies: 

Daryl "Rooster" Dell (AUS and original Cord Factory Shaper)

Ronnie "Magic Hands" Woodward (AUS)

Gary Mcnabb (Nectar Surfboards USA)

Beau Young (AUS)


Neil Purchase JR (AUS)


Ben Skinner (UK)


Nigel Semmens (UK)


Gary McNeil