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Looking for a new board that will cover all bases in your quiver. Meet the Ark.


This one here is a 6' 4" x 19 3/4" Clear finish.


Available to ship NOW! (3 - 5 day delivery)


Meet “The Ark”, a design finely tuned and extensively tested over the last few years by shaper Markie Lascelles and Aussie hell man Noah Lane.


Goes great in anything from 3-6ft waves. A Twin Fin setup on a 4-channel pin tail maximises speed and turning ability to give this board a great feel surfing off the tail and through your turns. Extra volume under the chest helps you get you into all the waves you need.

​"The Ark" has been our best seller since it’s conception and we have been stoked on the amount of positive feedback we have had on it!


You can see more on The Ark here...


Build your own and order straight from our board builder here...

The Ark 6' 4" x 19 3/4" Clear finish.

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