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The Sunseeker is made for shortboarders looking for a lazy day alternative, longboarders looking for something a bit more versatile or surfers just starting their surfing journey and looking for their first board.

The Sunseeker is our go to mid-length funboard and was made for small summer days hence the name, but through testing we found it great in any waves up to 6ft.

It's a must for longboarders who are looking for something more manoeuvrable, shortboarders who are looking for a summer dreamboat or beginners who are looking for their first real surfboard to be able to progress on. It has lots of volume throughout for catching waves and flat rocker for faster paddling and planing. Spiral Vee on the bottom contour gives it a really nice, smooth rail to rail game.

The template is a fuller outline but with a slightly drawn in nose and rounded pin tail to shave a little bit of the weight off and make it nice and manageable.


A board for the slower days but also really fun in medium size waves too.

We never really have a bad surf when we take this one out!





   6' 6"            20 1/4"            2 9/16"            38

   6' 8"            20 1/2"            2 9/16"           39.6

   6' 10"           20 3/4"           2 5/8"            42.1

   7' 0"               21"                2 5/8"            43.7

   7' 2"             21 1/4"            2 11/16"           46.4

   7' 4"             21 1/2"            2 11/16"            48

   7' 6"             21 3/4"             2 3/4"          50.8

   7' 8"                22"                2 3/4"          52.6


3-Fin Thruster
Single Fin with side fins

FCS or Futures fin boxes available.
Please specify on order. (Fins not included).

If you are at all unsure of anything regarding any Cord model or would like to know about any customisations please reach out via our Contact form.
We are here to make sure you get the best surfboard for YOU! 

Sunseeker Sean Orange PT 7.JPG
Sunseeker Tail JPG.jpg





Single Colour: £40

Single Volan Patch (Tail / Deck): £40

Volan Glass Job: £75

Redwood Stringer: £30

Resin Tint: £100

Triple Stringer: £100

Gloss Polish: £100

Our surfboards are all made to order.
Please allow 4-6 weeks from order to completion

National and international shipping available.
Please ask us for a quote to your location.

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