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The Birth of "The Ark"

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

A few good surfs and a good few beers together spawns the brainchild design of Markie Lascelles and Noah Lane...

Markie recalls:

"It was around Autumn 2017. Noah and myself were chatting boards and starting to get amped for the winter swells. We had a very trusty 6’4’’ template we had been running for a few winters. Just a fairly standard step up which was Noah's go-to. However as is normal with surfboards we always ask each other the question; "What else can we do?".

Around the time Torren Marten had released a flick from Nias I think which both me and Noah had been frothing on. We had also starting talking about channel bottom twinnies and how they would work in bigger stuff. I had already been surfing a lot of different twins for a while but hadn’t made myself a step up or longer Twin just yet. I had just sort of stuck to the standard small wave designs. So we decided we would head in that direction for winter 17/18.

I was going to make my self one to test out then make the tweaks and send Noah the next

one. That was until the next phone call when swell was on the way and filming was about

commence for "Beyond The Noise" so it was rushed through the factory (so much so the

original got the wrong logos!) and then thrown under the feet of Noah, thrown through a few big kegs and captured into the lens of AK and "Beyond the Noise".

"When a few months passed and we picked up Carve Magazine and saw Noah on the cover in a huge emerald cavern on his new Ark, that really reinforced our thinking that we were starting to get this design dialled in."

Carve Magazine Cover shot of Noah riding his Ark

"Since then we have made some subtle tweaks to the board and we are really, really happy with where it is now. It’s a main stay in ours and many others quivers now!".

An Ark model we made for Noah in Clear Volan finish with redwood stringer

Noah adds:

"I spent a few years to and fro on the Ark with Markie, originally inspired by Torren and Simon Jones’ approach but with a fuller nose and narrower tail. It’s adapted for Ireland’s fast, medium-format slabs and has evolved into one of the best boards I’ve ever owned. I’ve definitely had the best waves of my life on it."

Noah air drop on his Ark

Markie Lascelles on an Ark

Markie cutting back on the Ark

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