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Here is a clear Humbucker. Dims are 5' 6" x 19 3/4" in Clear Finish


The Humbucker, named after the famous dual coil guitar pick-up because of it's extra volume and extra bite!


It starts with a beaked nose which lets you keep a heap of volume in the board right up under your chest for maximum paddle entry. A low nose and tail rocker combined with a wider, straighter outline means a lot of surface area in the water which is great for speed and planing across flatter sections of waves. The tail is a fairly wide swallow, again giving good surface area on the water but giving great turning response. Between the twin fin boxes is a short split channel to help give the board more lift under the back foot helping with speed from the off and through your turns. This design is great for getting waves and has lots of flow once up and riding.


At first glance the Humbucker looks like a small wave board only but it can also be super fun in fast, steep waves and has become Markie’s go to board in 6ft plus barrels.


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To build your own in our 3D Board Builder and order a custom direct from there click here...

Cord Humbucker 5' 6" x 19 3/4"Clear

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