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The London Surf Film Festival: 11 Years of Community

Updated: Feb 9

A celebration of the cream of international surf culture, the London Surf / Film Festival (25th November - 2nd December 2022) is a diverse array of “documentaries to inspire, travelogues to stir up wanderlust and some of the most mind-blowing surfing”.

The theatre at the London Surf Film Festival

“It began where all the best ideas start life – around the kitchen table, in the deep mid winter, after a few good waves. The aim was to bring together the UK surfing tribes to share the stoke, the storytelling and the cream of surf culture.”

A frame peak

[Island X: Ben Weiland: London Surf Film Festival]

Founded over a decade ago by Chris Nelson and Demi Taylor, LS/FF has been a meeting point for water and wave-lovers since 2011. You'll find it in the iconic Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, West London (25th - 26th November) and The Genesis Cinema, East London (2nd December). The event, spanning two weekends, consists of premieres from some of the world’s most celebrated film makers, shorts submitted by up and coming surfers and creators, art, music and Q&A sessions.

Chris and Demi at the LSFF

“After 10 editions, some 250 film premiers, with art shows, live music, talks and a whole heap of good times, it has grown to become a must attend gathering for the global wave-riding collective.”

The diversity of the lineup is always unmatchable. In celebration of contemporary surf culture, the team behind the event work through hundreds of incredible entries, narrowing it down to a handful of films, long and short, to be soaked up by an audience of surfers that travel from far and wide. In past years the festival has premiered films featuring attending surf icons and legends such as Steph Gilmore, Rob Machado, Alex Knost and Lee Ann Curren, just to name a few, whilst also welcoming submissions from local heroes and frothing groms. The atmosphere at the event is like no other.

Screen grab form Arnow at LSFF

[Arnow: Jack Whitefield: London Surf Film Festival 2022]

“For many of the films we showcase at London Surf / Film Festival, it will be the only chance you’ll get to watch them as they were intended to be enjoyed – on the big screen, in surround sound, accompanied by a packed crowd of likeminded individuals.”

We’re stoked to be appearing on the big screen this year with Twin. Shot and directed by iconic British lensman Roger Sharp and featuring Cord head-shaper Markie Lascelles, it will be premiered on Friday 2nd December at The Genesis Cinema.

"WORLD PREMIERE: Forged in Cornish waters, Markie Lascelles is just as at home in a Mentawai’s barrel as he is in his shaping bay, combining knowledge passed down in his DNA from his legendary shaper dad ‘Chops’ with his own blend of Kernow magic."

Outside the theatre at London Surf Film Festival

“We’re bringing to the UK a whole host of premieres, but it’s always about more than that. It’s about the people, the places, the gathering together and the sharing of stories, ideas and stoke.”

For 2022, the lineup looks awesome. Whittled down from over 100 submissions, Demi and Chris and their team of judges have curated an amazing programme of films; Aussie charger Vittoria Farmer journeys through Ireland; Lauren Hill is exploring the physics of noseriding; Award-winning filmmakers Ben Gulliver, Mikey Corker and Lewis Arnold will be showcasing never before seen films; Tom Lowe and Balaram Stack are charging uncharted territories. Plus, loads more epicness that made the cut.

Screen grab of Hunros from LSFF

[Hunros Jorna: Mickey Smith: London Surf Film Festival 2022]

Cord Surfboards are proud to once again be a sponsor of the London Surf / Film Festival for 2022. We’re looking forward to seeing the array of cinematographic talent on display, raffling off one of our surfboards, and sinking a few cold ones with our friends, too.

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